Vivian Xavier was born and raised in the port city of Karachi, Pakistan. His love of stories can be traced back to his childhood when the only way his grandmother could put him to sleep was to regale him with a tale or two. As he grew older his weekend trips to visit his grandfather were often infused with homemade sweets and phantasmagorical tales that kept him and his brother spell bound for hours. However it wasn’t until he stumbled upon a used video camera at home did he realize an outlet to explore the art of story telling. At the age of fourteen he dropped the idea of becoming a famous guitar player and opted to become a filmmaker.

He has since educated himself about movies and the craft of film making by reading encyclopaedias and books, watching movies extensively and finally attending Florida State University’s world-renowned Film School on the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue an MFA degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography.

Vivian is an art lover and in his free time he loves reading about artists and dissecting their work. His favorite artists are Caravaggio, Vasquez, Georges de La Tour, August Renoir, The Flemish Masters Rembrandt, Bruegel, Vermeer and Rubens. The list of his favourite filmmakers is even longer. And don’t even get him started on cinematographers.