Best Buds 2D

Director: Sean Tien

All Jay, Duke and Bob want to do is make enough dough to go to (Cali)fornia and open a marijuana dispensary. Only problem is the weed they need to sell to make that dough just got smoked in a freak radioactive meteor shower. Now Merch, the gangster that fronted them the weed, is coming to collect and they’re running out of time. Scores will be settled and bongs will get wasted in this hilarious stoner comedy of superhuman proportions.

Pedro Pan Official trailer

Director: Andrea Puente

Official selection in 20 film festivals in USA

It’s 1962. In order to escape Fidel Castro’s communist indoctrination, 13-year-old Elena and younger brother Manuel are sent alone to Miami, as part of Operation Pedro Pan. As unexpected circumstances pull them apart, they remain determined to stay together and beat the odds.

The Grind

Director: Job Jaime

Chechi Molina and his bakery have fallen on hard times. To make matters worse, the neighbourhood thug Francisco Soza and his goons want him out by any means possible. Even murder. But Molina’s hired help is more than capable of cleaning up the mess. This blood curdling black comedy will have you in stitches right till the bloody, gory, gut wrenching end.